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Bonnaroo (After-School)

. Bonnaroo 

Jacksboro Middle School After School Program

Building After-School Coordinators: 

Mrs. Nikki Bumgardner & Mrs. Laura Asbury



Bonnaroo, a Cajun slang word for “a great time”

is exactly that! Jacksboro Middle School is the

site for the 21st CCLC after school funded

program "Bonnaroo". The program is offered

each day between 3-5 pm and one hour

before the beginning of school. The 3-4 hour

focuses on content-specific tutoring and

the 4-5 hour  having a great time! The last

hour is made up of several activities including:

indoor/outdoor games, board games,

computer based programs, culinary arts,

and music, just to name a few.

Come on and join us for daily Bonnaroo at JMS!