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Library / Media Center

.Welcome to JMS Library and Media Center

Librarian:  Mrs. Trish McKamey

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide both space and resources for the development of future-ready citizens who embody a lifelong love of reading, innovative thinking, competent research skills, and collaborative work relationships.

Students and Our Media Center
Our library takes pride in offering a safe haven for our students where they can be themselves, free from criticism.  Students often come in to talk to us, surf the net, read, and study. We encourage soft discussion among our students.  The media center is available to students at all times, and our future maker-space area will allow students to work on projects and creative learning assignments. 

Faculty and Our Media Center

Our library has an open-door policy for teachers, faculty and staff. We have a teacher work area set aside for teachers to work comfortably outside the classroom. Computer technology and teacher tools such as laminators, dye-cut machines, curriculum-based materials and more are located inside the teacher work area.


Student Access to the Media Center
Students have access from 7:50a.m. to 2:50p.m. During students' ELA class times, they can visit the library with a library pass. Students are also welcome during lunch and at break. Links to important websites are also available on this page for assistance outside school hours.


Media Center Rules
1. Food, drinks, or gum are not permitted in the library per school rules. Students are only exempt from this rule if they have a medical form on file in the nurse's office.

2. Please be respectful of the library/media center.

3. Students must follow the  "Internet Use Policy" while using the media center.  This is for your protection. A link to the county website which includes the internet use policy can be found in the parent resources tab.

4. Please do not download games onto the computers.  Our machines are for educational use only.

5.  Please return materials by due date or renew them to avoid charges




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